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Portfolio of selected work

Below you will find a sampling of my recent design work, both academic and professional. Click on a project title to see a detailed description.

Islamic Study Program

A Website redesign project for Islamic Study Program, Indiana University Bloomington. (coming soon)

IU Chinese Student and Scholar Association Forum

An dynamic and interactive forum serving for Chinese students and scholars in housing, diet, transportation, sports and study. - Optimized image and movie for better visual effect.

Driving test Guide Map

An interactive city guide application. Features dynamic maps, driving test directions, and a turn by turn guide specific to Indiana University Bloomington students. (coming soon)

Strategy Planning

A business quantitative and qualitative data analysis project to identify gaps in the scheduling process of IU Bloomington Career Development Center reducing workload by 50%.

Promoting communication

A Project working with Monroe County Family Resource Center to improve communication between elementary school and students' parents.

Prototype image of Virtual Interactive Theater Experience.

VITE(Vitrual Interactive Theater experience)

Coming with an insightful idea to create a new business model by combining social networking and on demand movie watching in a virtual setting and to connect college students to others, disregarding geographical distance.

Sustainable Bloomington poster

Sustainable Bloomington

A strategic plan of design concepts for making the city of Bloomington, IN more sustainable.


Chinese dolls中国传统星宿

Using Adobe Flex and ActionScript to build an interactive Carousel gallery of Chinese dolls.